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Pro-bono (free) offers of services for small businesses

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Elizabeth Jury Photography is kindly offering a couple of small Howick businesses pro-bono (free) support for website / social photographs (when it is safe to do so). Please apply below if you're interested in being considered for one of these spots. Limited to one local business. 

Carmen Bird is kicking off a pro-bono project photographing business owners and staff in their work place – purely docu style so not anything staged or formal. She will be sharing on the shop local page so the community get to see the faces behind the businesses! 

Sense Data is offering 2 local Howick businesses a free marketing support package including: 

- digital mobile creative design and build (300x250 MREC size)

- Media plan and schedule designed for customer's target audience 

- 100,000 page impressions of digital mobile media 

Nicole Paton Photography is offering their services to any Howick businesses requiring product photography for online websites/sales during this time. 


Products would be limited to 30x30cm in order to be photographed with a complete white background in the studio. This support would best suit those needing images on plain black or white backdrops. Items could include, jewellery, small products such as make up brushes, cosmetics, art, sculptures, accessories, electronics etc. 


They can also provide flat lay and styling options too. 


Nicole says, "moving to an online store can be daunting for some business so I would be more than honoured to help out where I can do if their products are small/medium sized and fit within the parameters I’d love to help out!" 

Limited to 5 businesses

Apply for pro-bono support (please mention which business you are looking for support from)

Thanks for submitting!

Offer help to small local businesses 

If you are able to offer free help for small local business, please contact us on the email below and we'll coordinate your pro-bono offer out to Howick businesses.

Useful resources for small business: